Monday, October 3, 2011

I Promised You More Fun

Last Sunday marked the 70th anniversary of the day More Fun Comics#73 hit the newsstands. You wouldn't know it to look at the cover, but MFC #73 was significant for two reasons. No, not the "two-fisted exploits of Doctor Fate", the debut of both Aquaman and Green Arrow. Both heroes were co-created by Mort Weisinger, both were blonde (trust me, Post-crisis re-coloring aside, G.A. was blonde) and both would go on to stay in continual publication through the 1940's and 50's, a feat only three other DC heroes managed.

So, string your bows, smooth your feathered caps and enjoy Green Arrow's debut:

I'm not sure that crashing through a window in a non-emergency situation seems all that practical.

And there you have it. Eight pages of awesome. The Arrow Car (nee' Arrowplane), the catapult, the trophy case, all introduced from the start. The ArrowCave has yet to appear.

I love how completely unconcerned G.A. and Speedy are about the villain dying in a car crash.


  1. 1940s superheroes were pretty tough guys, all in all!

  2. Well, if you're going to be catapulted through plate glass windows just to keep an appointment, you have to be made of sterner stuff.

  3. Do you own #73? I have recently started collecting comics and I have fallen in love with the GA comics. I have trying to get them all so I can read. my LCS told me this one was worth a nice chunk of cash.

    1. Matt: Welcome to the ArroCave!! Sadly, no. I borrowed the cover image from the Grand Comicbook Database and the interior scans are from the Milennium Edition. Subsequent scans of issues of More Fun Comics are courtesy of Mr. Rob Kelly over at The Aquaman Shrine. I do not know if, in fact, rob has the actual issues or has simply acquired excellent scans of them for the Aquaman stories therein.

    2. Ok I see. Thanks for the welcome. I'm really enjoying going through all of your stuff.