Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The ArrowCave- Atlanta Chapter !

So, a little before Halloween, I got this email, mysteriously titled "Arrow Cave-Atlanta Chapter". Well, since this blog is new and I still haven't gotten around to making those S.H.A.F.T. certificates I promised, I couldn't recall having a chapter in Georgia. I was intrigued.

Luckily, Kevin Eicher was kind enough to explain:

" Mutual friend Robert Kelly recommended I share a photo of my Halloween costume with you. I hope it matches your expectations - it was based on the final "mature" Ollie costume, and even includes a (functional!) boxing-glove arrow."

That is a great costume, Kevin, and I love the arrows. But wait! Kevin not only gets to dress up as Green Arrow for Halloween, cons and parties, he actiually managed to con his wife into playing along:

Yeah, that's right, Kevin and his wife make one badass, cosplay power couple as Green Arrow and Black Canary! For that, Kevin (and Mrs. Kevin), consider yourselves officially inducted into S.H.A.F.T.- certificate pending. :)


  1. That. is. awesome. And that is one cool missus!

  2. Outrageous!!!
    You're one lucky so-and-so, Kevin!!

  3. Thanks, folks. Last year Denise and I were Catwoman and The Phantom Stranger, and that's how we "met" Rob... through his Phantom Stranger blog. This year we went at my favorite DC power couple. Next year... who knows? :)