Monday, November 14, 2011

More Fun Monday!!

More Fun Comics #77- "Doom over Gayland"

To say I have been looking forward to posting this issue would be an understatement.

First off, Green Arrow and Speedy finally get the cover with this issue. And not just that, their feature gets expanded from 8 pages to 13! In the Golden Age, a 13-page story is HUGE. Guys like Plastic Man and Captain Marvel get 13 pages. Clearly, this feature was beginning to become popular.

Take that, you sap!

G.A and Speedy's first 13-page feature is a little number called "Doom over Gayland". I won't bother trying to remind you that gay really was commonly used as a synonym for happy at the time. Nor will I try and appeal to your more mature natures. Just giggle and enjoy. Look, if a guy named Queen can't find some action in Gayland, who can?

Wasn't this the motif for Jack Chick's last Halloween party?

Cannons, a House of Swords, a Crocodile pit? What do these guys pay in liability insurance?


  1. "Green Arrow in Gayland" sounds like the title to one of those infamous Tijuana Bibles.

  2. So when did Ollie "go blonde"?

  3. rob!: There's a format where you don;t want a nick-name like "speedy".

    Bubbashelby: Indeed.

    Russell: I'm not sure yet. Maybe some time after the colorist decides whether his hat is green or yellow for a whole story.