Monday, February 13, 2012

Green Arrow is the MAC #7

Mackin' on Supes' Main Squeeze!

I thought, with this being Valentine's day week and all, that we'd go with posts that show the Emerald Archer's more... romantic side.

While making out with the girlfriend of a guy who can burn you to a cinder with a dirty look may be dangerous, it's not all that hard. After all, as Lana Lang knows all too well, Lois will spread 'em for anything in tights.

Now, now, calm down! Actually Lois is kissing Green Arrow (and Batman and Aquaman) for a very good cause which is fully laid out in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #29.

I've already used the wonderful cover to this for an earlier post and this issue is a particular favorite of mine. I know it's a big hit with my wife as well. That's no surprise though. Not only is she a huge Lois Lane fan, I'm pretty sure the inside of her imagination looks like this 90% of the time:


  1. You dream about different men kissing Lois? Is that because you want to BE Lois so you can kiss Ollie and Arthur...or the other way around?