Monday, February 6, 2012

More Fun Monday!

More Fun Comics #81, July, 1942.

"The Adventure of the Bankrupt Heroes"

Although the Spectre is the only other star to get his face on the cover, Aquaman is prominently mentioned on the banner, suggesting a resurgence in his popularity.

Admittedly, I only get a half hour for lunch, but it's hard for me to drive to Taco Bell and back in that time. These guys solve a crime and take down a mob of assassins in less than an hour! Come to think of it, they didn't get to eat, though.

Notice that Green Arrow is finally blonde and Speedy is finally a redhead. Also, Speedy's hat has gone back to being yellow except for on page two, where it's red.

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  1. Clever cover--and of course I love that Aquaman is actually mentioned on the thing!