Monday, October 31, 2011

More Fun Monday!!

More Fun Comics #76- February, 1942

As you can see, Dr. Fate is still stubbornly hogging the cover. Still, that's the most exciting game of Chess I've ever seen. "Gun-toting thug to big, green floating head 3! "

So, there's no ArrowCave yet. Does that mean they keep their trophies out in the open in their apartment?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Baby !

Fifteen years ago today, my wife, Amy and I were married. Here's to fifteen wonderful years, three beautiful children and many more years to come. Here's to Barnyard Busters, Haunted Mansions, bad movies and me reading you romance comics and doing all the voices.

I love you, Kitten!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Go for MEGO!

If you were a kid in the 1970's and very early 1980's, you probably had MEGO toys. MEGO made 2Xl, Micronauts, and an endless array of TV and movie property action figures from Star Trek to Dukes of Hazzard. But to me, the single greatest contribution MEGO ever made to toys was its World's Greatest Super Heroes line. In a rare turn of events, one toy company got the licensing rights to make a line of action figures that encompassed both DC and Marvel properties. Starting in 1972 with a basic assortment featuring Superman, batman, Robin and Aquaman, the line continued to grow and stayed in production up until 1983.

The last 8" DC hero added to the line was Green Arrow. And believe me, he benefited by the wait. Green Arrow is one of the most faithful and most detailed figures in the whole line.

images taken from "MEGO 8" Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys!" by Benjamin Holcomb

In 1977, MEGO introduced a 7" line of Teen Titans. Now Robin could hang out with Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash (ironically, MEGO never made the Flash) and *drumroll*.... SPEEDY!

For some reason, Speedy was issued with short pants and long sleeves. Also, his new-style molded, plastic gloves make him completely incapable of wielding his bow.

For more information on the World's Greatest Super Heroes line or any other MEGO toys, please be sure to visit the MEGO Museum.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trick Arrow Tuesday #7

The Glue Arrow

Because Green Arrow knows that sometimes, the best way to get out of a sticky situation is to get someone else into one!

I would also like to say that the second panel is a wonderful example of the artistry of Lee Elias. When drawing our heroes, his work sometimes seems a little staid, but when he draws incidental characters, he cuts loose with a beautiful, expressive style that really hearkens back to his work for EC.

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Fun Monday!!

More Fun Comics #74 "The Silent City"

This week's scans of More Fun #74 are courtesy of Rob Kelly. Thanks, Rob!

At least folk in Star City are kind enough to leave the window open now.

Well, G.A. doesn't get the cover yet, but he is mentioned in a banner on the lower right.

I like how G.A. is already interested in adapting technology to fighting crime. Very nice. I have to say that, if I were to have to communicate via Morse Code, I would make a greater effort at brevity.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More PSA Fun with Green Arrow

From All-Star Comics #50, December, 1949-January, 1950

Of course, Green Arrow was already wearing a red feather in his cap, but notice how much more prominent it is in this feature!

For those of you not around in the 1950's (myself included) this PSA probably needs a little explanation. According to the November 10, 1952 issue of Time Magazine:

Amid the din of election, some 1,600 American communities spread across the 48 states did not forget another autumn campaign: the annual Red Feather drive for charity. Two million volunteers, under the national leadership of Community

Chests and Councils of America, Inc., are ringing doorbells, drumming up donations. The Red Feather campaigners expect to raise $250 million for 1952, bettering last year's mark by $10 million.

The Community Chest collections are a typical voluntary American enterprise. Denver began them in 1887, when ten charitable agencies united for one efficient fund-raising and fund-sharing drive. New Orleans in 1928 added the red feather as the symbol of united giving ("a feather in your cap"). Today, the millions contributed to well-organized community chests are distributed among some 17,000 services. Among them: Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Visiting Nurses, Salvation Army, settlement houses, neighborhood centers, etc. Since the Korean war, one of the Red Feather agencies is the United Defense Fund, which includes such servicemen's agencies as the U.S.O.

So, basically Green Arrow is asking everybody to do their part and contribute to the greater good of their communities, thus starting down the slippery slope of checkbook, tax -and-spend liberalism that would become the hallmark of his career, eventually ending up as a left-leaning, counter-culture radical, espousing an end to the "establishment" and writing off his numerous debaucheries as "free love".

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trick Arrow Tuesday #6


By special request, the "Fake Cat" Arrow.

This unlikely projectile hails from the story "The Cop Who Lost His Nerve". Apparently, having a cop who's afraid of cats is just an excuse for an all-out crime spree. Green Arrow knows how to fix that, though; simply have the cop's life saved by a cat. Simple enough. Especially when you have the Fake Cat Arrow.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I Promised You More Fun

Last Sunday marked the 70th anniversary of the day More Fun Comics#73 hit the newsstands. You wouldn't know it to look at the cover, but MFC #73 was significant for two reasons. No, not the "two-fisted exploits of Doctor Fate", the debut of both Aquaman and Green Arrow. Both heroes were co-created by Mort Weisinger, both were blonde (trust me, Post-crisis re-coloring aside, G.A. was blonde) and both would go on to stay in continual publication through the 1940's and 50's, a feat only three other DC heroes managed.

So, string your bows, smooth your feathered caps and enjoy Green Arrow's debut:

I'm not sure that crashing through a window in a non-emergency situation seems all that practical.

And there you have it. Eight pages of awesome. The Arrow Car (nee' Arrowplane), the catapult, the trophy case, all introduced from the start. The ArrowCave has yet to appear.

I love how completely unconcerned G.A. and Speedy are about the villain dying in a car crash.