Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Stuff Reviewed- Green Arrow #1

Today is the day DC released it's new Green Arrow #1 as part of the "New52". Thew new series written by J.T.Krul, drawn by Dan Jurgens with inks by George Perez (yeah, that's right, GEORGE PEREZ) is - shall we say- a departure from previous incarnations of the Emerald Archer.

The new Green Arrow is still Olliver Queen. But this Olliver Queen is a billionaire industrialist who uses his company's assets to travel the world doing battle with super-powered thugs. Sort of like if Steve Jobs was a globe-trotting vigilante by night (and who says he isn't?).

"Multi-tasking is my specialty"? Not exactly a hot catch phrase.

The costume is still green. He still uses a bow and gadgety arrows.

But other than that, he's a very different Green Arrow. I'm not saying it wasn't a good read, but it felt very 1980's Marvel to me. Also, I'm a little confused: is this supposed to be the same Ollie Queen from the Flashpoint one-shot Green Arrow Industries? Can someone help me out here? That guy felt like they just sort of made Green Arrow into the film version of Iron Man. Which is not dissimilar to this either.

I reserve further judgement until I see more.



  1. Can I suggest a ratings system based on how close the arrow hits its target? "3 bullseyes, 2 bullseyes", etc.?

  2. rob!- That is a fantastic suggestion! I will try and adapt that for my reviews. Thank you.