Monday, September 26, 2011

You Won't Wear Out Your Green Crayon With This One...

I noticed my 6-year-old had left this out after doing some coloring. I vaguely remember snatching this up at a KayBee Toys closeout sale, but whatever initial thrill I had experienced about finding it had waned sufficiently that I let the kids have it.

Anyway, I flipped through it on the off chance there might be a little Green Arrow action and behold! G.A. appears on at least 6 interior pages! Of course, this was published in 1998, during the period when Oliver Queen was dead and his son, Connor Hawke was the new Green Arrow. Like most DC Licensed products, it's a little Superman/Batman heavy. For instance, we first see the "other" heroes on the monitor in the Batcave:

"I'll take center square to block, Peter."

I have two comments on the above picture: First, I refuse to believe that that's how Batman sits. Second, it really is pretty impressive that this coloring book includes not only a Green Arrow, but Docotr Fate and Impulse. IMPULSE fer cryin' out loud. I should note that it's a little insulting that Auqaman couldn't seem to get one flipper in this thing, but that's par for the course in '98.

Okay, this is the single biggest image of G.A. in the whole book. Get a good look, because you are gonna need your jeweler's loop to see the rest of his appearances...

Yep, there he is on the lower left, just behind Wonder Woman's thigh.

And there he is again as a floating head, just to the left of Nightwing's anachronistic mullet. Almost like an afterthought.

And finally, he gets a decent, central placement, although still pretty small. At least he's recognizable.

So this was a fun little post. check back next week for even More Fun (hint, hint)!


  1. I think I saw that sometime during one of my trips to the States (I was living in Japan at the time). I didn't buy it because of no Aquaman, though!

  2. Man, what a dis to Aquaman. Once again, Captain Marvel hogs the spotlight...